“Knox” premiered in the John Knox House on the Royal Mile on Tuesday 4th August to great feedback from a supportive audience.


“It was a stirring experience to have seen and heard how faithful this great Scots Reformer had been”

“I was buzzing with excitement throughout the evening... [The film] was on a standard of what we see on the BBC.”

“Great locations, lovely cinematography, very well presented by Philip. An impressive piece of work”

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1st August - Completion of Feature Documentary "Knox"

We are proud to announce that this Tuesday will see the launch of our first ever feature film: a documentary on the life and legacy of John Knox.

John Knox is to Scotland what Martin Luther is to Germany, but today, 500 years on, Knox is largely forgotten. We at Trinity Digital felt that now was the time to redress that situation, to explore the man and the message, and to reach a new understanding of what he means for us today.

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29th September - Feature Documentary 'Give Me Scotland' to start filming

After a brief hiatus since our launch, Trinity Digital are proud to be setting out on our flagship project: a feature length documentary on the Scottish Reformer John Knox. This is the 500th anniversary of the famous revolutionary preacher, and opinions on this controversial figure are as sharply divided as ever.


Trinity Digital intends to examine the life and legacy of John Knox, and to be ready both to criticise and to praise the man and his message as we investigate his relevance for the church today, both in Scotland and across the world.

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31st May, 2014   -   Launch of Trinity Digital

Today, after over a year of planning and preparation, Trinity Digital's website finally goes live. We have been delighted to collaborate with GNTodd.com in creating and designing a fully customised site to showcase the range of products and services available to you.

Work continues on developing a number of projects, and in getting our name known. Meanwhile, we would be delighted to hear from you, with any comments, questions or orders.

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