“Knox” premiered in the John Knox House on the Royal Mile on Tuesday 4th August to great feedback from a supportive audience.


“It was a stirring experience to have seen and heard how faithful this great Scots Reformer had been”

“I was buzzing with excitement throughout the evening... [The film] was on a standard of what we see on the BBC.”

“Great locations, lovely cinematography, very well presented by Philip. An impressive piece of work”

As DVD pre-orders start coming in, we are now planning a range of screenings across Scotland and further afield. Do you want a screening in your area? Get in touch

Our first trip was to Cornwall for the evangelistic music event: Creation Fest 2015. On Thursday 8th August, we screened to a good audience in the final full night of the festival. Despite the cold and the late hour, the film went down very well with those who saw it and some good conversations were started.