1st August - Completion of Feature Documentary "Knox"

We are proud to announce that this Tuesday will see the launch of our first ever feature film: a documentary on the life and legacy of John Knox.

John Knox is to Scotland what Martin Luther is to Germany, but today, 500 years on, Knox is largely forgotten. We at Trinity Digital felt that now was the time to redress that situation, to explore the man and the message, and to reach a new understanding of what he means for us today.

Produced predominantly through crowdfunded donations, “Knox” is presented by Scottish actor Philip Todd and incorporates animated reconstructions and interviews with some of the leading experts in Scotland.

Developed over 2014, this film officially went into production in September 2014 and filming finally concluded in April 2015. We have filmed in Switzerland and Germany as well Scotland and England and it has been the most incredible journey for all of us. We have followed Knox from his beginnings as an average Catholic priest to become the foremost Protestant firebrand in Scotland, taking on Mary Queen of Scots to determine the destiny of the nation.

Sometimes heroic, sometimes dogmatic, Knox is always electrifying: and the message he preached is even more so. It's been a fascinating experience for us to research, develop and shoot this film and we hope you will be as inspired watching it as we have been in making it.

DVDs of "Knox" are available to preorder here.