29th September - Feature Documentary 'Give Me Scotland' to start filming

After a brief hiatus since our launch, Trinity Digital are proud to be setting out on our flagship project: a feature length documentary on the Scottish Reformer John Knox. This is the 500th anniversary of the famous revolutionary preacher, and opinions on this controversial figure are as sharply divided as ever.


Trinity Digital intends to examine the life and legacy of John Knox, and to be ready both to criticise and to praise the man and his message as we investigate his relevance for the church today, both in Scotland and across the world.

We will be travelling round the historic sites associated with him, as a presenter tells us the remarkable and dramatic story of Knox' life. Meanwhile, a range of experts will reflect on the story and what it means for us today. Budget permitting (as we are still putting the final funding together) we will show reconstructions of some scenes and sequences from the life of Knox.


We hope to widely distribute this as a DVD throughout Scotland and elsewhere, while doing investigation as to potential satellite broadcast.


To get up-to-date information on 'Give me Scotland: the Life of John Knox', please visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/johnknoxfilm