Trinity Digital's latest production - a short film entitled "The Bishop and the Beggar" - has wrapped filming after a three day shoot in Belfast. The film, which raised the majority of its budget through a successful crowdfunding campaign, looks at the issues of homelessness, hypocrisy and humanity.

Lily is a young homeless girl, reduced to begging and casual prostitution. Richard is the local bishop - opulent, admired and a pillar of society. Their worlds could not be further apart, but the two of them are closer than either might imagine. They both face debts; they both know despair; and they both face a challenge from a ragged Bible found in a wasteground puddle. Drawing on some of the themes and structures of Jesus' parables, the film is an urban, contemporary realisation that what matters in not what we are outwardly but who we are inwardly.

Starring Sevda Levent and Shane McCaffrey, the film is being produced and directed by Murdo Macleod of Trinity Digital. All cast and crew were working as volunteers, putting in long, hard days to allow this film to see the light of day. There is no space here to mention them all, but each one is a hero.

The film is now entering post-production in line for completion in late Autumn, at which point it will be entered for festivals around the UK and further afield.